Jean Dubroy

Pin Collection

In 2006, Jean Dubroy, a long time club member, passed away. Jean was nicknamed the “PIN Lady” as she and her husband Louis travelled to Briers all over the world collecting and trading curling pins. In her will, she left a personal donation of her Curling Club Pin collection.

The pin collection of a jacket, vest, tam and other assorted ribbons and buttons which is elegantly displayed in our trophy case was donated to the club in 2006 by long time club members Jean and Louis Dubroy.

Jean and Louis Dubroy collected these pins from their so many years of travelling to the Briers around the world. Jean was known in the curling scene at these Briers as the “Pin Lady”. In fact, the TV commenter was very pleased to interview her at each world Brier event. There is a picture of Jean displayed in the cabinet with her wearing the jacket at one of the Briers.

Just imagine Jean in today’s world of airport security, proudly wearing this Navy Blue jacket, vest and tam as she always did on every trip to the world’s and attempting to go thorough airport security.

Jean passed away in 2006, predeceased by her husband Louis, and in her “will”, she donated this collection for display in our club as long as our club exists. Jean and Louis had no children and her remaining family was very pleased that the club accepted this donation.

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