Items for you to bring for your first time curling:

  • Warm, loose-fitting clothes
  • Gloves and an optional hat
  • Clean sneakers or rubber-soled shoes
  • A sense of humor and adventure

Items we’ll supply:

  • Great ice
  • Curling stones
  • Sweeping brooms
  • The Novice Program has slip-on sliders and grippers provided

Later, you can add:

If you decide to take up the game here are things you may need:

  • Brushes – cloth-covered, horse-hair (stiffest) or hogs hair (softest)
  • Curling shoes with slider atttached. Sliders are hard  plastic, teflon, or stainless steel in order of increasing slipperiness.
  • Curling shoes usually have soft rubber soles for traction.
  • Removable sliders – full foot
  • Removable grippers, to protect slider or cover slider to ease walking on ice during sweeping
  • Curling Gloves (padded palms recommended)
  • Stop Watches – for timing rock running time and taking splits
  • Curling Pants – stretch material
  • Jackets and a variety of other clothing
"Got to love a sport that places so much emphasis on having fun!"

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