Junior Division


Everyone is invited to enroll their children in our youth programs. New curlers of any skill level are welcome. The objective of the curling program is to teach curling fundamentals and etiquette of the sport.

About Our Junior Division

Typically, our young curlers do drills to master the mechanics of the delivery then play a short game to learn positions, rules, strategy and teamwork.

Over the years this division is proud to have contributed to the development of several world class curlers including two players in the 2014 Briar and one in the Scotties. Our successes continue with our younger players doing well in the regionals. Our instructors and competitive coaches would love to give your child the opportunity to further their skills in the sport, with the hope that they will fulfill their curling dreams.

Little Rocks — Sundays at 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM (ages 6 to 12)
Bantams — Sundays from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM (ages 12 to 16)
* We can support junior teams up to the age of 20.

Additional information

We have a video and resource guide for grade school teachers to introduce the sport into their curriculum. If you are interested in seeing the material, contact the club and one of our Coordinators will be happy to get in touch with you to discuss this program.

There is also material on the standardized testing for the skills awards which will be incorporated into our regular program for the children interested in earning badges.

If not sure whether your child will take to the game, try it out for a couple of weeks for free. If you want to continue, junior curling at the Navy is not expensive.

  • Our Rates

    1. Full Membership (No league limitations)$655.00
    2. Evening Curling One League Only - Mon. to Thur.$565.00
    3. Daytime Curling - One of more Leagues Monday to Friday$475.00
    4. Snowbird Curling until January 15, 2018, Daytime Only$380.00
    5. Weekend Mixed Fixed - Friday and Saturday$475.00
    6. Weekend Open Draw Only - Saturday Morning $385.00
    7. Full Time Student with ID (No late rates apply)$340.00
    8. Novice Curling Program - Learn to Curl - Thursday or Sunday$305.00
    9. Junior / Bantam (Born 1 July) 1996-2005$75.00
    10. Little Rock (Born 2005-2011)$75.00
    11 .Social Membership$75.00
    12. Stick Curling Only$125.00
    Competitive Membership - Member of Another Club Joining For A Specific Competition$100.00
    All fees above include Curling Association Fees and HST.

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  • Upcoming Club Events

"The instructors were great. Not only did they teach the basics of curling but them made sure we had fun and felt welcomed at the Club."

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